2nd year begins

26 10 2006

It’s the 3rd week into the year and I think it’s time to summarize how things are going.

To be honest i’ve been quite disillusioned by the year thus far. Speaking to others this feeling seems to be widespread.

I’ve still not really achieved anything this year. However, the fact that i haven’t done anything hasn’t really put me behind anyone else.

The workshops we’re doing at the moment have gone way over my head and it just seems to consist of everyone typing in what’s written on the screen and not really knowing why we are doing what we are doing. It would be nice to see some of the code being put into a context that we will be using in our projects.

The thematic lectures don’t seem to be relating to anything we’ll be able to put in our contextual analysis making them all seem rather pointless thus far.

In terms of the course as a whole I just want to be challenged a bit more. I don’t think anyone would complain if we were given a few extra hours of workshops, just to practice the skills we’re learning. Even if it wasn’t related to the project, just to keep our creative minds thinking.

I’m just hoping that in the coming weeks the course will get better.




3 responses

27 10 2006
Evelyn Moore

I so agree! It just all seems so pointless and the workshops are impossible to understand! Good blog – straight to the point!

1 11 2006

as far as thematics go, I can’t speak about the other lectures, but hopefully the one I did about ownership of ideas should have been relevant to your project. if in doubt, check lessig’s latest blog post:


🙂 joe

29 05 2007

Agree Michael. It has however got better for us since, but still think the idea of putting the examples of code into the context of maybe some of our projects would be a little more beneficial in the long run.

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