It gets a little better

10 11 2006

Week 5.

We’re in the swing of things at the moment. I’m really starting to enjoy myself. The workshops have finished and everyone has started to build their web communities.

It finally feels like i’m doing a course at university and not a course that any mug could do.

The thematic lectures still seem to be orientated towards the tv production course, but the follow up lecture to it has proved very interesting.

I only know of one person, from our course, who went to this thursdays lecture but I doubt we missed too much because Claudia’s follow up to it managed to tell us all we needed and managed to have something to do with interactive media.

The contextual analysis still weighs heavy on my mind though. I can’t think too much about it becuase I have enough on my mind with php at the mo. I just can’t see the logic in having a contextual analysis in on the same day as the production we have to analyse.

I still don’t feel like I have been given much theory to use in my analysis. I may find a lot more content when I try doing some reading. Which I suppose is the point.

Still, i’m very much enjoying life at the moment. I’ve just got back from a 5 hour session in the labs and i thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s good to have something to show for my efforts.

Also, i’ve been mentioning to a few course mates that we should go into uni together and set eachother tasks. So far, the guys i’ve mentioned it to have been very keen. This should keep our creative minds on top of their game, and give us a chance to share eachothers strengths. I look forward to this.




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