What made my sexual gender

12 12 2006

I’ve got 2 very much older sisters and I think by the time I came along dad was tired of girls. I was going to be a ‘propper boy.’
He took me to play for my local football team when I was 6 and within a year my dad was coach of said football team, so we were very much involved. I guess this had a very significant affect of my ‘sexual gender.’
There are lots of sterotypes associated with football and I would say that I live up to most of them. I was told to concentrate on my sport and my studies by my parents and had it drummed into me that girls were a hassle that I did not need. So it’s not been until recently that I have started to talk to my parents about my involvement with any girls. And even to this day I only tell them what they ‘have’ to know, like any girlfirends I may have, other than that I don’t let them know.
I suppose this ‘forbidden fruit’ has made me like the opposite sex even more.
When I was younger I ate the wrong foods and was always slightly chubby, but the fact that I played so much sport it was never an issue. However, when I was 16 I sustained a knee injury that took me out of competitive sports for over year. The lack of sport without any change in diet caused my weight to rise. I needed to take charge of my life and had to make a few changes. I started excersising and was aided by a magazine called men’s health. This has had the biggest affect on my life over the past 2 years. I don’t mind admitting that I openly conform to the ideas they present of man. Someone who should have a successful high paid career and a beautiful wife, while keeping in great shape and having complete spending control of my life. This is something my father doesn’t have with my mum having complete control over the finances, although my dad is the main ‘bread winner.’ My mum tells my dad what to wear and buys him all of his things. While i know this is something I certainly don’t want when in a relationship I think that this has caused me to respect women and maybe even ‘put them on a pedestal’ in some ways.

Wow I really got going on that didn’t I! I had no idea what I was going to write for that but it really came out of me once I had started.




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