16 05 2007

It’s been ages since I posted but we had a pdp lecture today reminding us about our blog so i’ll try and post a few things while that is fresh in the memory, but i’m sure this will be a short fad as usual.

Since our last project has finished and the amount of work on our plates has shrunk I have turned my attention to the future. For a while now me and Chris (my coursemate) had been discussing trying to get some local work to add to our C.V, as a collaboration. However, with work a plenty it was difficult to think about. We have since added Bob (another coursemate) to our ranks and now things are under way.

On a personal trip to London me and Chris were trying to get some inspiration and decide on a name. The name was proving hard to think of until as we were about to part company Chris mentioned that we should have the word design at the end of our name and we should be something design. On the train home I actually thought that ‘something design’ had a ring to it. He didn’t mean it like that but I really started to like it. It perfectly represented the fact that our skills vary and that we can pretty much produce anything you can think of to do with design. So the name stuck.

We have since bought webspace at and personal e-mails. Our website design is currently underway as we are going to build both a flash and an html site. We’re also think of a few little games to try and occupy visitors. Business cards have been designed and are on their way, which I am very exicited to see. We’ve also been trying to gain contacts around town to try and rustle up some work.

We’re hoping that if we manage to get some clients behind us by the time we finish uni we’ll be able to take our idea to the bank and register as a real company.

I’m really glad we’re doing this because recently i’ve seen a real improvement in my designs. When I went for an interview for a placement I had to compile a portfolio to take with me. I was a little embarrased by some of my early work compared to my more recent designs.

I have finally got to grips with Illustrator after a year of reading about how much designers use it in computer arts. I have however realised that I need to brush up on my code knowledge, but hopefully now that my design skills have improved my codeing will follow and produce some all round better work.

That’s it for now but i’m sure i’ll update soon




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