Uni finishes but the learning must continue.

4 06 2007

Now that I really know what I want to do with my life, i’ve been really motivated to make sure it happens.

There was a time when I was really into my photography a few years back when someone told me that photographers see the world differently to other people because they are constantly looking at the finer details of every image that they process. I thought this was a quite pretentious view of photographers at the time, but as time went on I noticed myself looking at certain aspects of images that I never used to notice.

I now think that this may also be true of designers of any kind and not just photographers. I’m constantly looking out for exciting designs and I judge absolutely everything I see now on it’s asthetic quality. Obviously as a designer I am evaluating adverts, posters, flyers, web sites etc. But my photographic background hasn’t left me and i’m now finding inspiration from all walks of life, for example while walking through the park into town the other day I noticed how the grass surrounded the trees and later that day I converted that into a simple but, hopefully, effective illustration.

Although University has finished for now, I certainly don’t want to stop learning. I hate waking up and doing nothing with my day and so i’m determined to keep myself occupied. I’ve been hitting the gym most mornings with a course mate of mine and feel fantastic every day for doing so. After every session I try and take to my computer and try out some new skills. I have been stocking up on tutorials as of late and will hopefully get through one a day from now on. This way I’ll hopefully be a much better designer by the time I come to start my final year.

Today I went through a tute that taught me how to intergrate graphics with photography, which I hope to be something I get better at with both of those being disciplines of mine. It took me ages but when finished I was really pleased with the results and had really got to grasp with adding highlighting and shadows to a graphic and also how to create depth of field.

I look forward to tomorrow’s tute…




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