Why can’t i work?

19 06 2007

So,Uni finished nearly a month ago now and I have had loads of time to keep up with my design work. So why is it I have done absolutely nothing?

I recently said that I needed to use this time to teach myself new skills and keep on top of my learning. However, having absolutely no routine to live to has sapped all of my energy. I’ve even been exercising a lot less than I would normally. 

A simple tutorial takes about 2 hours and I find myself spending at least 5 hours a day but usually a lot more achieving nothing with my day. So why can’t I get myself in the mood to sit down and go through a tutorial? It’s really bugging me and I need to sort my life out while I am back in Reading!  

On a positive note I have been in contact with 2 possible clients about work this week. One I heard about through the university but sadly it looks like they weren’t ready to take a risk on us and it looks like that chance has gone. However, Ibar e-mailed us on sunday. We had been in there and spoken to the manager a 2 months ago and got on really well and also left him our contact details. With so much time passing we had forgotten about them and to receive an offer from them was excellent news. 

They want us to design a site for them that ties in with the technology they use to run the bar and they have a coding expert who is willing to work alongside us to get this done. This seems like an excellent opportunity to get on the design map. The bar is really well designed and they are very technologically driven which suits us. I hope we can sort something out with them and this work will turn out to be the start of a very long and successful design career for all of us!




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