A different way

28 11 2007

Today we were reminded about our blog again so I thought i’d write an entry and see how long i keep it up for this time. 

We handed in our submission materials for our minor presentation today. I finished well within the time as i always do but this time it never really felt finished. There was always an opportunity to add more to it but it came to a point where i didn’t think it would help. So i decided to finish and hand in what i had done. I was pleased to get it done and not have to stay up all night doing it like a number of other course mates. However, when i got in and saw what others were handing in it seemed like i had not done enough work. Some people were handing in 16 page reports compared to my 6 pages. I felt horrible, like i had let myself down.

However, after thinking about it i think some of it may be down to the way i think/work… One guy was handing in 45 pages of drawings and a mood board and all that jazz. However, i will never be someone who produces things like that. My idea and my design was done nearly all on a computer. I came up with an initial idea and then made changes to it from there. I did not need to do any sketches and i wasn’t going to ‘fake’ a mood board. Then when asking one person who was handing in a 16 page report how much he had written it turned out he had no more words than me.

 It seems strange that i enjoy being on a design course so much because i really do not like drawing and i’m not really a very visual person. My strong point on the course is definitely my theory and so i would like to think that my words are succinct and so my lack of them will not indeed mean less marks.

I have a much more methodical approach to design than most people on the course and maybe that shows in the style of work i produce…i just hope there is a market out there for it….   




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