A chance to ‘Flex’ my muscles

12 08 2008

Hi guys,

I’m really sorry about the awful pun for a title but I’ve done it now, it’s too late. The awful pun does however, relate to my recent activity at work. I’ve been set the task to build a flex app for Proton cars as they prepare a launch of a new car of theirs.

I’ve never used flex before and never tried actionscript 3 either so it has been a very tough start and a very steep learning curve. The first week was very frustrating as my progress was extremely slow. Two weeks in now and i’m slowly getting to grips with things.

I’ve got a very very long way to go until I complete this project and then I have another flex app to build for Sunseeker which is a much bigger project and so I hope the experience I gain from this app will stand me in good stead. I’m really excited about learning this skill because I think it could be a really good opportunity to excel in something that not too many people are doing right now.

I’d be really interested to find out about your experiences with flex and ask what you think? Do you think that it’s a good thing? Can most of the things it does be done in Ajax? What do you think the advantages of flex are over Ajax etc?

I’ll keep you posted as to my progress, I hope I can do it!




3 responses

12 08 2008

Your boss assigned you to that gig even though you have no experience with the toolset? They must have a lot of faith in you.

Hope it goes well!

12 08 2008

Well if I cannot succeed they will produce the app in actionscript 2 but they are looking to proceed with a number of other projects in flex/actionscript 3 and are therefore willing to provide me with some time to learn the skills needed.

I hope I do not let them down

13 08 2008

I like Flex – never really played with AJAX. With Flex – you don’t worry about cross browser issues. As long as the person has Flash player installed, all is well. The question about which is better depends on the purpose of the app. Flex is known for building rich internet applications. Then there is AIR. If you are learning Flex, don’t worry about knowing AS 3.0. It’s similar to AS 2.0 + some added features. Just make sure you have good OOP skills. Things to check out: riapedia.com, flex.org, check out the flex tutorials and stuff on the Adobe site, Adobe Flex 3.0 lang ref is your friend!, and refeshingapps.com.

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