On a search for some inspiration?

22 08 2008

Hi guys,

I just thought I’d post a list of brilliant sites I have bookmarked under ‘inspiration.’ Whenever I’m in need of a refuel I make sure that I visit these sites to give me a design boost.

Have a look I’m sure they’ll give you some ideas.

ISO50 – Scott Hansen

Scott is really an amazing illustrator. I was first shown his portfolio 2 years ago now and I still regularly check back for a design fix. His use of colour is what attracted me to his work, he has a very retro, scandinavian fell to his work in my opinion. I just can’t get enough of it!

His blog is also a very good resource.

Emil Kozak

Another stunning designer whose work doesn’t stop to amaze me. Emil designs a lot of products for the extreme sports genre. I love his use of white and a single colour, which creates really simple but stunningly striking pieces. His style is very ‘now’ and long may it continue.

Emilo can be followed from his blog

Design Shack

This is the first of a few web design galleries. I especially like the way you can filter the gallery by colour scheme or layout, which is especially helpful when you have a project in mind. I must admit I have never read it’s news and stories because I tend to use other sites for this, but as a web gallery this, in my humble opinion, is one of the best.

Best Web Gallery

Another very impressive web gallery. The site gets updated everyday meaning there is always fresh content to be looking at. I visit the site to try and stay up to date with the latest trends. This is one of about 4 web galleries that I visit at least once a week to keep ideas flowing.

CSS Mania

Sorry if you don’t like web galleries (why wouldn’t you like web galleries?) but this is number 3. Another very simple but effective site. It’s got a very clean design, meaning it doesn’t get in the way of the content, the wonderfully designed web sites! Certainly worth a look.


Another web gallery but this one is slightly different. While the previous galleries focused on CSS design the FWA highlights the best of Flash sites. There is a huge number of sites to discover from here and they are all of a very high standard. Personally, I do not like the user interface of the FWA and it does not feel very ergonomic to search. However, the quality of work showcased is so good that it is still worth a look.

Design Flavr

Excuse it’s very ‘cool’ spelling of flavour, this site is well worth a bookmark. If like me, you like to gain inspiration from every aspect of the design world this site is the place for you. Like the showcase sites that I have highlighted previously but with one main difference, it does not limit its content to one category. Search for Flash sites, CSS sites, vector art, portfolios, CG art and many more. There is soooooo much good work on here at any one time that you cannot fail to get something from this site. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Fave Up

Very similar to Design Flavr with a few less categories to search through. However, with CSS and Flash sites, Business cards and logos among the options there is still a wealth of quality work available. Also, the design of this sites is quite beautiful on its own.


This is a great resource for all sorts of information. There is a huge number of images within the articles that provide the user with some wonderful visual stimulation. It’s not only great to look at but well worth a read.

The Cool Hunter

Not totally focused on web or graphic design but this site is still one of my highest rated for supplying me with some really powerful inspiration. It showcases anything in this world that the editors consider ‘cool.’ More often than not they are indeed correct. It’s nice to get out of the normal realms of inspiration and look at things from a totally different angle. This one also comes with a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED label.

There you go…for now.

I hope you can gain a little inspiration from these sites. I know I have over the past few weeks/months/years.

If you know of any sites that you feel should be on this list I’d be very interested to see them. Please post links to sites that you think others should be visiting!

Have a good bank holiday weekend guys!




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