Tiny laptops…the new must have?

12 09 2008

Hi guys,

I must start with a warning. This post is very much the thoughts and speculations of me. I could very well be way of the mark with this one…

As time has passed, the latest must have gadgets have changed in shape and function. It all started with the very advanced jotter pad and pencil. This wonderful device enabled anyone at anytime to write down a wonderfully creative idea just as soon as it popped into their head. This also had the power to be drawn on allowing doodles to add to the creative process. While this style of idea recording is still very much in use a few other options are now available.

The Camera

For a few years I went through a stage of never leaving the house without a camera. I didn’t know where I would find the next beautiful photo or little idea that I would be able to capture on wither my hand held digital or my digital SLR camera. However, as my priorities changed from the wish to be a photographer to being a designer, the need for the SLR reduced (I do still use it on specific occasions) and eventually my phone could take photos just as well as my hand held camera leading me beautifully onto the next point…

The Mobile V2.0

Excuse me for my stupid name for it but just to make it clear by 2.0 I mean the sort of phone that has a wonderful camera and the ability to organise your life with. Everyone has a phone these days and if I go out without mine I feel very vulnerable, like i’m going to miss that really important phone call that i’m not expecting. It also allows me to add appointments to my diary as soon as I need to. Most phones also have a good camera so if I see something that inspires me or gives me a good idea I’ll snap it to review at a later date. I also happen to have an iPhone meaning that it can do a whole host of things including the excellent application that allows me to update this blog via wordpress. However, it’s not as easy to type with the iPhone as it is with a keyboard meaning I don’t add much when using the iPhone and when I do it takes me twice as long. Once again this moves me smoothly onto the main point of this post (check me out using segways!)

The Tiny Laptop

The other day while on a trip to staples me and my girlfriend were having a look at their ASUS range of small and very portable laptops. They have a very good offer on them there at the moment and my girlfriend was very interested in getting one, thinking that it would be an excellent machine for typing up notes at uni. I’ve been thinking about them the last couple of days and how useful they really are for work on the move. However, the thing that I think would be really useful would be the ability to blog/twitter on the move. Blogging is really important to a lot of people nad being able to write down a thought as soon as it comes up would be very cool. WiFi connections are all over the place now and coverage is only going to get better making this even more achievable. I realise most people have laptops with them most of the time but on average they are very bulky. These ASUS laptops are so small and so light making them ultra portable. With prices under £200 and most of the functionality an average user would need while on a short trip away I think they would be an excellent investment for the pro blogger.

As I mentioned this is very much the ideas of a mad man (me) but I would be interested to discover what you think. Would you consider buying one?

Do you upload content to the web on the move? If so how do you find the best way to do so?

I look forward to your comments…




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12 09 2008
New Gadgets | Tiny laptops…the new must have?

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5 07 2010
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