Use the _blank tag!!

19 09 2008

Morning all,

I just wanted to have a quick moan on this fine morning. I have just been looking through one of those, very common, “18 amazing shades of black!” (sorry for the sarcasm) blog posts on a very well respected blog. This list was made up of lots of images all with links to other sites. When clicking on these links it would then redirect my window to the other website. How annoying is that! What if I want to look at the rest of the list!

Please bloggers of the world, (i’m just hoping I didn’t do that with my list…if I did I will punish myself!) do not be afraid of the _blank reference when creating a link. Not only does it allow users to browse the web as they choose, it also leaves people on your site for longer, giving them a chance to read the whole article without pressing the back button.

Come on guys you know it makes sense!

If any of you can think of some pet hates you have with websites you visit post them here and we can use this space as a nice area to vent.

Good day to you all…




4 responses

19 09 2008
Matt Northam

Boo! to the _blank tag.. surely it does exactly the opposite of letting users browse as they choose by the fact that it forces a new window(?)..

Just hold Cmd down when clicking on the link 🙂

As for a pet hate; music that starts playing when you load a page. It’s an oldie that you think people would’ve stopped doing by now but still happens far too often.

19 09 2008

Ah Matt the _blank tag is the future!

I do not have the time in the day to cmd Click my way round websites! (hehe I do in fact open links in new tabs)

Surely from the blogster’s point of view though you’d want them to stick around and read the whole post! You know it makes sense!

The music one is a great shout. I feel like a right knob when music comes from a website I’m browsing at work. So much so that I have opted to mute my mac to save from any embarrasment 😦

19 09 2008
Matt Northam

I get your point that it makes sense to not direct people away from the rest of your blog post, but personally I’m into such a routine of opening links in new tabs myself that it’s not an issue..

And the music thing is indeed very irritating.. many a time I get bursts of random music through the headphones and with tonnes of tabs open (because I open ALL links manually in new tabs ;)) then it’s tricky to narrow it down to where it’s coming from.

26 09 2008

If you want to open a link in a new window, CTRL+click will do the job. It’s pretty easy and I got used to it when opening external links. But I still use the _blank tag when creating links to external sites.

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