Are the best blogs floating to the top?

24 09 2008

Afternoon campers!

Today I have been wondering if websites like Digg, and all of it’s copy-cat sites, are really allowing the best content to be highlighted to the masses?

I got thinking about this after noticing that a number of the bloggers I follow on twitter (my link can be found at openly ask followers to ‘digg,float,fart’ etc their posts. This really is a pitiful thing to do in my opinion. If the content is good enough then people will feel the need to help it up the rankings. You shouldn’t get up there just because your previous posts have managed to get you a following.

An example of this happened today where an unnamed designer posted on twitter asking people to ‘float’ his post hoping to get on the front page of design float. I had seen this post yesterday and had in fact been very disappointed with it, feeling that I had read pretty much the same post numerous times, to the point I had seen his title image in another post before (how original of them.)

Still within an hour of his tweet (or whatever it’s called) he had reached the top of design float and I’m sure lots of people subsequently visited his poor blog post.

Of course some people may have visited his post and genuinely liked it, but I guess what I am asking is that if you are a blogger have the class not to ask people to ‘digg’ your site just because you are you. Secondly, if you are someone who sees this very sad request, by all means ‘digg’ the post but at least wait until you have read and enjoyed it.

If this continues the people at the top could ensure they stay there by asking their influential contacts to give them the exposure needed by asking their followers to help out.




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26 09 2008

I wouldn’t use the word ‘best’ here, but rather ‘top.’

Sites with larger and more loyal followings will obviously ‘float’ to the top a lot quicker and steadily rather than the smaller blogs, such as yours here.

I personally never promote a post if someone asks me to (not many people do).

26 09 2008
Andrew Price

I totally agree with you! I’ve been thinking the same things recently.

I know that digg has started banning members who are obviously using scripts to bump thousands of pages a day. But design float? I dunno. I love the site, but recently I haven’t been seeing a lot of variety. Lots of “Top 10” lists, and a lot of stuff from the same ‘big’ websites.

I’m fairly sure there are lots of kooky lesser known designers blogs with fresh ideas that no one is reading, simply because no one knows about them.
But that of course is catch 22. Unless these smaller websites learn how to market themselves better, we aren’t going to be reading them.

I for one don’t have time to go scouring the corners of the net for fresh creative websites. Which is why I visit design float.

Oh by the way and digg my article! PRETTY PLEASE

26 09 2008

The best known sites are getting used to increase traffic to the posters websites. The one’s that seem to benefit are the ones that mass submit poor content and articles. I find they get abused and render useless. Shame in my opinion.

“Top” is definately a better choice of word than “best”

26 09 2008
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[…] Are the best blogs floating to the top? « Michael Wilson […]

27 09 2008
Andrew Price

Oh another question what’s with comments like that one ^
I don’t understand what they are contributing. Are they spamming?

27 09 2008
Kyle Diedrick

Yeah, I would have to say I agree with you, but I would also say that I do get a lot of content from a variety of different blogs through sites like design float or digg.

Not only that but I have a habit of reading the comments on digg before I go to an article, and although there are a lot of stupid things said in the comments, usually they call out poor or copy cat posts if they somehow manage to get to the mainpage. I wouldn’t say I do the same on designfloat, but I would say that I am more particular in the links that I click on on that site.

But maybe that’s just me. I also would say that I think “best” is a better choice than “top,” because you’re not talking about number of hits here, you’re talking about quality of the post.

5 07 2010
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But maybe that’s just me. I also would say that I think “best” is a better choice than “top,” because you’re not talking about number of hits here, you’re talking about quality of the post.

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