Auto margins

30 09 2008

Hi guys me again,

Today I had a bit of a moan at work and I thought I’d relay that rant towards you.

It’s (if you have read the title of this article quite obviously) about the use of auto margins. Nearly every site I have built has been contained in a wrapper div. I set a width on that div and give it auto margins. I’m sure this wont be too alien to anyone here. However, I came across two sites in a row today that had not used this convention and it just looked wrong. Why would you want your content to be all squished over there on the left when, on a big screen like mine at least, there is loads of lovely space begging to be used on the right.

I understand that some designs need to be contained on the left and I am by no means saying auto margins are a must, but I would ask that when designing your site you think about us guys with lovely big screens. It’s not too much to ask is it?

Let me know what you think about this and if you have any examples of a site that negates the auto margins to great success I would love to see them.

Cheers everyone!




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