10 ideas that will make you millions without even trying!

7 10 2008

Hi guys,

Sorry for the over the top and elaborately sarcastic title to this post but I think it display my point quite well. Are people these days too willing to be spoon-fed ideas and use other peoples templates to save themselves time?

I’m a regular surfer of design blogs and have my homepage set to the front page of design float, and more and more I’m seeing posts that are offering free templates or free icon sets or free love etc

Is this really something people should be using? Surely any designer worth their salt should be making these things themselves. It saddens me that there is seemingly a market out there which is tempting bloggers to make their designs available for others to use. Surely this will lead to a huge number of very unoriginal designs that have been knocked up and thrown out with minimal effort.

I would hate to think that out there somewhere these people have also been given design contracts on the basis of their (template) site. As I write this it saddens me to think that there isn’t anything to be done about this. Especially in the current economic climate where (certain) clients are looking to get work done on the cheap.

I’m all for collaboration. If there’s something that you need doing and it isn’t your particular skill by all means ask a friend to help or pay a professional to do it for you. This indeed is the basis of a huge amount of the best work out there at the moment.

As I type this, within the top 16 articles being floated on design floats front page 6 of them are giving some sort of design away free for anyone to use. The fact that these are being floated obviously shows they are popular.

Do things like this devalue the work of others? Or does it in fact make the really good work stand out even more, knowing that so much crap must be being made using other peoples designs?

I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on this, please discuss…




3 responses

8 10 2008

Sorry, just had to laugh with you on the title. Great post by the way, and I believe it is becoming very true, sadly.

8 10 2008

I don’t necessarily thing that these are the things that are popular amongst designers, they are just the things that have been popular on designfloat lately.

I actually have lost a little faith in designfloat as of late, it has been filled with the same articles rewritten by new people. The crappy blogs that are just trying to turn a quick buck are obviously overwhelming the system. It’s unfortunate, but I am not really sure how they can fix it…

Thx, & keep up the good articles like this that actually mean something!

8 10 2008

Matt, thanks for the comment I’m glad you liked the title and thanks very much for reading the post. I hope you come back to read further updates.

Zinni I totally agree with your ideas on design float, it really has been rubbish recently. I emailed them asking why certain posts are staying at the top for ages at the moment and they replied saying that they were trying a new ranking system that was very buggy.

Sadly though, I agree with you that there is no way back for it. Looks like i’ll have to change my homepage sometime soon…big shame.

Thanks very much for your kind comments, i’m glad you liked the post.

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