Is Design important with so many people using a Reader?

31 10 2008

Hi Guys,

How are we today?

Do you use an RSS reader to view most of your web content? How many sites do you actually visit these days?

Up until about 3 weeks ago I used to have loads of bookmarks in my browser that I would check up on every now and then looking for new content. However, since then I have taken the plunge and started to use Google Reader to follow all of my favourite sites. The main reason for this was the recent poor showing from the site design float, which I used to use to keep me updated.

Anywho, now I have made the switch I don’t really see many actual sites now, except for the showcased sites on some of the CSS galleries I follow. I’m pretty sure I’m a late adopter to the RSS trend and I am in the mindset that the majority of you are using one type or another. Does this mean that as web designers we should be putting even more emphasis on the content than on the design? Sure, the first time someone visits a site if it looks horrible and is inaccessible no one is going to subscribe to the RSS feed. However, a really really plain site with very easy access and great content shouldn’t stop anyone. From then on I guess uses would very very rarely visit the site, just keep up to date with the regular updates.

I’m interested to hear what you guys think, and how you browse the web. Do you actually visit sites that you are subscribed to? Do you think that design is becoming less important with the days of RSS?

Please let me know your thoughts…




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