Specialize Vs Generalize

2 04 2009

I used to work for an agency describing themselves as ‘integrated’, offereing services in PR, web and print, spreading their risk by offering a variety of services. In contrast to this, the company I have recently moved to are a web agency, choosing to employ individuals with specific skill sets.

To look at this idea from a slightly different angle, the current economic crisis, has forced many people to reassess their skill-set and try to put themselves in a position where they are employable/safe in their job.

With this in mind is it best to specialize or generalize within the web/design industry? Read the rest of this entry »


A new start

2 04 2009

Well it’s been a while since my last post and that’s because it’s been a manic month or two.

Not only did I fall ill for 2 weeks with an awful case of tonsilitus, that led me to loosing 9pounds in weight, but I have also gone through the process of looking, applying and starting a new job.

This new job is very much a step up for me and begins another chapter in my still short career. The agency I have moved to produce only web work, allowing them to focus all their energy on one speciality rather than spreading their skill across skill-sets. Within this structure they have highly specialized roles in areas of usability, innovation etc.

They also hold some very prestigious certificates that open them up to work with some huge clients and gains them a great deal of government work. I was personnaly very excited to read their client list when researching them for my interview.

Their structure was another pull for me. The design team ( in which I now work) comprises of head designers, lead designers and web designers. This meant that working here would allow me access to colleagues more experienced than I, from whom I would/will hope to learn from. The 2nd advantage this held for me was the opportunity to move up a ladder. I’m always looking to further myself and fulfilling some of these higher roles is something I can now strive for.

Since starting, I have really liked the working process they undergo during projects. The designers will also build the front end, meaning they must have an understanding of the build process to work there. This also means the front end coder isn’t being handed someone elses design, in which they have had no say in, to build. Designers will also be involved in the brief process from the very start through to finish. It’s much more of a collaborative approach as opposed to a factory line approach that I had previously been working with.

I’ve not been there long but so far it’s been really great! I just can’t wait to really get stuck into a meaty project there!

I’m sorry for a bit of a rambled post, just wanted to keep you updated. I’ll aim to post more regularly from now on.

Have a creative day!

Minor Presentation approaches

3 12 2007

This time tomorrow it will all be done! And i’ll be celebrating by going and doing a 7 hour shift at work! I know I’m off the chain. 

I’ve not been nervous about this presentation at all. I’m quite looking forward to getting it done. Let’s just hope it all goes well and I have included all of the right stuff.I still think that I should have handed in some better supporting materials and sadly since the hand in I found a brilliant survey that would have greatly helped those supporting materials. However, I can still use them during the presentation, if I remember them.

I’m a little disappointed that the presentation is only worth 40%. My strong point is certainly my presenting confidence and my supporting materials will almost certainly let my mark down.

I suppose I will just have to make sure that my presentation gets me al the marks it possibly can…