UX designer interview – Paul Seys

9 04 2009


Paul Seys has been working as a web designer in the UK since 1999. However, he can now be found working at Redweb as Head of User Experience, in Bournemouth. Paul’s portfolio can be found at joystik.co.uk. He can also be found giving opinions on his blog shortboredsurfer.com

I asked Paul if he could spare some time for an interview and he was kind enough to say yes. Read the rest of this entry »


How to get that elusive first freelance client

27 11 2008

First Job

Hi all,

I am at the very beginning of what will hopefully be a long and successful career in the design and web industry. I have begun said career by trying to gain some solid experience, working in an agency where I will hopefully learn some valuable skills and one day be in the position to go it alone and freelance with the idea to eventually start my own small agency.

But when I do finally make that leap where will my first client come from? Will it lead to more work? Could it possibly be that ever elusive super client who gives you an open brief and gains you loads of notoriety?

Well I thought I would ask a few people who have made that jump (successfully) and see exactly who their first client was and how they got that contract. Read the rest of this entry »


20 11 2008

Hi All,

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog in the last few months since I actually tried to keep it up to date.

Today I have just passed 3,000 views!

Thank you

How long does it take to feel a part of the industry?

14 11 2008

Hi guys,

I’m sat in the office right now (feeling slightly hung over) thinking about my inclusion in the industry I have wanted to work in for a long time now. It hadn’t really hit me until just now how good work life is for me right now.

I’ve been very lucky to join an established agency who have only recently joined the online side of things. This has meant an accelerated learning period because there are only 2 full time web employees here (with a 3rd who is the team leader, but he rarely produces things, he’s more of the job getter) and i’m one of them. I’ve already been involved in jobs working with the companies biggest clients and I love it.

Does this mean that I am now fully integrated into the industry? I think it does!

I’m constantly thinking about web design and i’m clearly blessed that I have been given the chance to get paid doing something I love. While there are testing times doing this job they really are worth it for the amount of time where things are brilliant!

I just wanted to write this to remind everyone working in a similar role to mine that you are very very lucky!

Over 1000 views!

20 08 2008

This may seem a very very small number to anyone with a blog, but I thought it was my first landmark and worth mentioning that today, 9 days after repositioning my blog, I passed the 1000 views mark.

This makes me very happy and i thank everyone who has viewed for that


7 01 2008

 On Saturday during a visit to the Reading University library I finally began my dissertation! It felt good to finally put my thinking onto the page. I have my first chapter decided in my head and now i just need the time to write it out. I can also see how my second chapter will link and what I’m going to say in that. It’s exciting to know that for once this year I seem to know what I’m doing. 

However, to the small matter of my major project. I find it difficult to juggle two completely different pieces of work at the same time. My only focus this holiday has been my dissertation and I have no second thought to be getting on with my major. I also have my job to deal with during term time meaning that I only have 4 full days to actually concentrate on University work and these days include the weekend during which I have never been able to complete work.

It’s funny though, I really enjoy writing essays and setting aside days to spend in a lab working. These last few days spent in the library have been brilliant, I have been able to focus on the task at hand. However, at university I don’t really have an academic friend who is as focused as I. So I doubt there will be anyone to motivate me to get to the library in Bournemouth and get my diss done. The practical stuff is what our course is all about so there is an abundance of people available to get on with the major project so hopefully they will push me forward with that work, well here’s hoping it all goes well…  

Self-identity searching?

29 11 2007

I’ve just been reading some books about identity on the internet and came across an article about personal websites/blogs. 

It discussed that some people write them to discover who they are and to receive recognition from others about their discoveries. This got me thinking about how I use a blog. Personally, I find that I express myself in a fuller explanation when writing on here. I don’t have a friend who I could speak to like this, probably because they wouldn’t be willing to listen to my babblings. So why do I feel the need to ramble on here? What do I get out of it?

Quite a lot actually. I like how this space allows me to reaffirm my thinking and I like how I can do it without anyone judging me as a pompous arse. I have just said to myself that I would love to find someone to have these types of conversations with, but I’m not sure that’s true, I think I’d feel uncomfortable talking to someone else like this.I’ll be the first to strike the final blow into Facebook when, hopefully, it dies because I hate the way it stops people from actually interacting with people in a face-to-face situation. However, is what i’m doing on here any different?

Maybe I need to re-evaluate my ideas…